The Ghostbusters reboot…or is it?

Ok, so, we have images of the new Ghostbusters outfits, the proton pack, the Ecto. The thing I’m trying to figure out is, how is this a reboot? Maybe a “re-make”, but not a reboot. Paul Feig said he couldn’t and wouldn’t try to redo the original, that would be too hard.

Paul Feig said in Entertainment Weekly:

“…And then I thought, well, what if we just make it new? It’s not coming into the world that existed before.”

What is the basic plot?

Four comedians (some from Saturday Night Live) drive in a decades old Caddy busting ghosts. They wear coveralls and carry nuclear powered backpacks that shoot beams of energy. They are located in New York, and are going to save the world, even though a lot of folks think they are crazy.


Uh, how are these movies different? Even the Sony-required, copy-written logo is EXACTLY the same. How do 4 women, in a world with no previous Ghostbusters, come up with the exact same artistic idea? Why are they even using proton packs? Why not lassos? A force field projector? A ghost sponge? A hula hoop with gizmos that transport the ghosts to another dimension? Why does it “need” to be proton packs? For someone who claims to be staying away from the original, he doesn’t seem to be very original himself. I mean, if you are going to all the trouble making a NEW, unconnected Ghostbuster movie, then make your own tech. Don’t use GB I and GB 2 as a crutch, because in your universe, they don’t exist. That’s cheating.

Now, I don’t know if the movie will be horrible or fantastic. It has 4 talented women. All of them have been funny on SNL. If you aren’t going to draw from the rich history of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon show, the IDW comics, or both movies, the fans and their real-world franchises, then be original! Otherwise, it comes off as half-cocked and “lets slap some paint on it and pass it off as new.”

To be fair, all we have is a few screen shots, but the basic plot/props seem to be following the original movies. When you interview as an artist at Disney, they don’t want to see their characters. They know how to do Mickey, Goofy, etc. They want to see your own original characters. Why should this be any different?

So, I don’t want to see Stay Puft (from Ray’s childhood), or Slimer (an homage to Aykroyd’s pal, John Belushi).

I think Sony missed a great opportunity using franchises for the new movie. Have the ladies from Boston or Austin or San Francisco, at a failing franchise. That would tie into the rich history of the 30 years of Ghostbusting goodness.

To say that people don’t believe in ghosts in 2016 is ridiculous. Look at all the paranormal shows on TV. The Long Island Medium. The interest in New Age spirituality. I’m certainly hoping for a great movie, but it looks like Sony is putting a new lampshade on a old lamp.


Fun at Botcon 2015

Fun at Botcon 2015

We had a good time at Botcon 2015. I was at the Megacenter near Chicago. We happened to be in town visiting family. There were cosplayers, an art contest, and they were looking for voice over talent. I was going to try for it, but it was going really slow, and we wanted to see the con. Hasbro had a booth with glass cabinets. They had the newest Transformers coming out this year, and they will be releasing a new video game with the original “G1” Transformers in October. We got a lot of good deals since it was Sunday and they wanted to get rid of stuff. A couple made a huge Grimlock that talked, Optimus Prime and Star Scream. They had artists like Josh Burcham (I got a print from him) and Dan Khanna (I got three of his signed prints, one for my son!). They had a lot of loose figures, and some exclusives, too.

shots from the Bot Con

Botcon signBotcon welcomeCon shot 2 con shot 1 Chosen Prime Botcon exclusivesfront hall displayBotcon artists

Custom statues of Grimlock, Optimus Prime, and Starscream (with us)

Optimus statueGroup GrimlockGrimlock statueStarscream

The voice over competition

Voice over

These are displays from Hasbro for the new Transformers coming out. There are several combiner sets like the Constructacons, Aerialbots, Stunticons, and Rescuebots.

Botcon Hasbro      new Stuntacons rescuebots new Devastator more new TF

This is the free poster they were giving out at the Hasbro booth to promote the new game.

Transformers Devastation

This is Scott Gillam, who does custom Transformer art. I bought a light up Optimus Prime mask that mounts to a wall. (Scott is holding it).

Scott Gillam scott Gen Lee  Scott G 1 Scott customs

These guys made custom Transformers from scratch-built Legos! They won some awards, didn’t get their names

Lego Transformers Lego TF guys

Artist Josh Burcham and a print I got from him.

Josh BJosh poster

Artist Dan Khanna, and the prints I bought from him.

Dan Khanna 1Dan Khanna 2 Dan poster 2 Dan poster 1Botcon Dan Bumblebee

These are the entries for the Art contest. I just took a pictures of a few of them.

art Turtle party wagon 2 art 1st place Turtle party wagonart my little pony bots art magnus flappers reattachamator art History repeats itself art dance dance evilutionart cute bots St Optimus


Botcon cosplay 3 Botcon cosplay 2 Botcon cosplay 1

Some of the Transformers my son and I got at the con.

Prime megatron tFolker Vf-1SDSCN7144Botcon optimusBotcon Galvatron

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Doctor Who at the Hollywood Theater

Doctor Who at the Hollywood Theater.

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Today is Star Wars Day! It started out as a gag, but now it’s a real thing!



😀 Pick your side!

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Don’t let superheroes drink and drive

Ok, been a while since I blogged, but WOW. This caught my eye over at 1o9:

VW had those great ads with the kid Darth Vader. What happened here? Let’s break down the “wrongness”:

1. It shows superheroes showing really poor judgement

2. we already get they are “human” and have frailties (that’s only been in comics since 1963)

3. Superman, Wolverine, and Hulk are the worst choices as (as mentioned in the article) they are invulnerable and alcohol has little/no effect on them. Tony Stark is an alcoholic, and human, but I imagine Disney would pass on that…

4. We are supposed to look up to superheroes. What’s next, safe sex ads with She-Hulk? AARP ads with Captain America? This is just a bad use of the characters.

I could see a bunch of suits sitting around a mahogany table playing with their Galaxy phones while they talk about superheroes being “hot” and getting the license to use the characters. Worse, the suits at Marvel/Disney and DC/Time Warner actually approved these ads! These ads are getting a lot of attention, but the wrong kind of attention. Any positive response is lost with the juxtaposition of beloved characters and human senseless tragedy.

Dad: Look, Timmy, don’t drink and drive.

Timmy: WAAAAAAAAH! Why is Superman dead??

Dad: Uh, no, Timmy. The lesson here is Superman made a bad social decision…

Timmy: WAAAAAAAAH! Superman can’t die! Why is he dead?

Dad: Ask your Mother…

Fanboy 1: What is this @@#!##$?

Fanboy 2: Whoa, dude. This is #$&*ed up. Don’t they get the characters? They have only been around over 50 years.

So, the lesson here is don’t let your corporate executives in charge of beloved comic characters made horrible ads.

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in defense of Mimi

ok, I was looking for info on Mariah’s new album. I found this:

So, her single wasn’t well received. Am I worried? No. Why? This is Mariah Carey we are talking about, folks. She survived being married to Tommy Mattola, Nick’s liver failing, a tough pregnancy, growing up biracial, etc. She has her “lambs” who support her through thick and thin. A handsome, popular husband. Two beautiful babies. A fantastic musical track record. Sure, she fought with Nikki on Idol. The woman has multiple personalities, ok? And there was “Glitter”, the movie that flopped (But, I think the soundtrack was some of her best work). But she is a force of nature. Even if this album tanks, her fans will still be with her. Who else has such a varied fan base? I’ve been a fan since 1991. She will be around for many years to come.

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busy doing activities

I’m a Webelos Cub Scout leader, and I’m busy planning activities for my den. It’s challenging to find activities that are affordable, fit in with the kids sports, fulfill a Scouting requirement, etc. I have been working on getting local events, but fun. The Maker’s Faire was here last weekend, and it was a blast!

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Jim Carrey as Plasticman?

ok, this is an odd post for me, but I was watching some Youtube videos of Jim and the man is made of rubber! He is a contortionist and he’s played the Mask and the Grinch and dozens of other whacky characters and he LOOKS like Plasticman anyway. Just putting it out there, you know?

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Been a while since I’ve posted

but, I’m on chapter 13 of my 2nd novel, and life keeps me pretty busy. The Cub Scouts will be back in session before you know it, and that will keep me occupied!

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should I start the next novel?

I was thinking about starting the next novel, but there is still a lot of editing to do on the first one. Maybe I could come up with concepts or something? I was walking outside today and I was startled by a guy behind a wall smoking a cigar. He was beneath the sidewalk, so I didn’t see him until I passed, and the cigar was sticking out. Maybe it may work it’s way into one of my stories? You never know…

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